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I'm your writer, Claudia. Based in the U.S., I'm a freelance writer who specializes in emotional marketing, case studies, script writing, articles, web content, and travel writing. 

Why hire me? Versatility and an eye for what sells bring a fresh perspective to every new project I handle. With experience in the arts and media world, I specialize in creating compelling, informative, and response-driven copy for both print and new media graphic designers, web developers, and end user clients who commission copy directly. Whether the subject is travel, finance, real estate, wellness, direct marketing or other copy needs, I strive to achieve your communications objectives. 

Too curious for my own good? A career in freelance writing has proven to be the cure for my endless quest for knowledge. I've had the opportunity to study everything from personal finance and real estate to Pilates. My passion for writing has taken me across the globe and back, introducing me to fascinating cultures, people and businesses.